Why "The Cobbler Clobber"?

Some questions that I have been asked:

Why did you start this blog?

Since graduating from college, I have been baking a lot...a lot, as in an average of three times a week.  To prevent my waistline from expanding, I have been dropping my treats off at the homes of my family and friends, sending them in care packages to travelling former roommates, and bringing them into the office to share with my co-workers.  I have enjoyed sharing my desserts with others, and this blog is an extension of that. 

I accidentally discovered the world of food-blogging two years ago.  I was simply looking for a recipe for apple pie, and instead found recipes for apple pie cookies and chai apple pie coffee cake.  It would be an understatement to say that I got sucked in - I loved the writing, the tips, the pictures, and the creativity of every blog I visited.  Still, I didn't think I would ever start my own food blog until my J-, my friend and co-worker, suggested it.  My husband echoed the sentiment, and as I am prone to buckle under peer pressure, here I am, on the interwebs, for all to see.

Wouldn't "The Cobbler Clobberer" be more grammatically correct?

"The Cobbler Clobber" is more of a description of what I write about rather than a description of myself.  It could also be the name of a new dance, similar to "The Mashed Potato".  Both are grammatically correct, but only one is the name of my blog and a new world-wide dance sensation.

Do you actually clobber your food?

Yes and no.  I don't actually literally clobber food.  However, you know how some people use the phrase "You killed it!" in a  positive way?  Like when a coworker says, "Man, you really killed that presentation today!" or when Adam Shankman says on So You Think You Can Dance, "Dude, you killed it!", when a dancer performed very well?  Well, if you use the word "clobber" in the same way, as in, "Girl, you really clobbered that chocolate souffle!", then yes, you could say that I occasionally clobber cobblers.

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